Donors & Sires

Prairie Cove Charolais is always on the forefront of acquiring new and exciting genetics as we buy into herdbulls and semen packs. These bulls are chosen because of their superior seedstock and genetic qualities that we feel compliment our donor cows and breeding program. Our Donors are proven females with long track records working in our herd as well as working in many other herds across the country.


PZC Lily 5013ET

• 2017 RBC Supreme Champion
•  2017 Farmfair International Supreme Champion

Miss Prairie Cove 945G, Lily Daughter


Miss Prairie Cove 309A

Cays Lot 1

PCC 858F




PCC 913G

PCC 903G

PCC 906G

PCC 912G

Miss Prairie Cove 314A

What a beautiful Female, Picture perfect udder, Phenotypically flawless she puts it all together. Miss Prairie Cove 314A  is a Sister to the Supreme Champion PCC  Sudden Impact, and PCC Spartan 2014 Reserve national champion Bull in Canada. Progeny shown below.

PCC Stockton 512C


Madison 85M

Madison has been a special female for a long time she never disappoints as she is a no miss cow. The Firewater x Madison combination has been an explosive combination full of consistency. Madison has a fantastic udder still at the age of 14 as proven by her +35.3 milk EPD. Madison has done it again with Miss Prairie Cove 521C. Progeny shown below.

Miss Prairie Cove 521C

Miss Prairie Cove 410B

Miss Prairie Cove 317A

Street Dance 22Y

Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y

Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y

Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y

Miss Prairie Cove 633D
Hi Ho Silver x Street Dance 22Y

PCC Storm
Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y

PCC Storm
Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y

PCC Storm
Monopoly x Street Dance 22Y



PCC BRCHE White Bear 8505ET

HVA Fireball 662F

CCC WC Resource 417P

PCC Brewitt 929G

M&M Outsider 4003 PLD

A complete outcross to any pedigree in Canada.

Outsider is the bull we have been searching for, we have been watching him closely and his calves in the United States as they capture every major show and sale high seller.

We believe Outsider will be a major breeding peice in the Canadian Charolais industry in years to come, we have calves on the ground this year that are fantastic and we are very excited to sharing them with our friends and Charolais enthusiasts.

M&M Outsider will be a major Herdsire at PCC in the present and Future.

TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET

PCC Rome 437B

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